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Welcome to Musica Religiosa
On our website it is possible to listen to two web radios, one with classical Christian music and the other with only organ music. Both web radios broadcast 24/7 and have classical music of the very highest quality which is not interrupted by announcements, new bulletins, or commercials. Our database includes more than 15,000 tracks.

Musica Religiosa
This web radio has a mix of cantatas, oratorio music, motets and songs from the very earliest period until the present day. Besides international top-quality CDs, Dutch productions are also available for listening. The focus is on vocal music, but a place has also been set aside for instrumental music.

Musica Religiosa Organ Radio
On our web radio, it is possible to listen to organ music 24/7. Besides international top-quality CDs, specific Dutch productions are also available. In addition to the organ as solo instrument, there is also room for a combination of the organ with another instrument.

Request function
Both web radios have a request function, which allows the listener to look for the required piece in the database, then play it on the player. It is only possible to request a piece twice a day after a two-hour interval.
For a request, press the ‘Music Request’ button. A screen will then appear in which you can look for the title, composer or artist. Once you have found the required music, press the ‘Request’ button. The music will then go to the bottom of the playing list and you will receive confirmation of your request on screen.

   Musica Religiosa


CD Information
By clicking on the CD icon, you will be linked to a website that provides extra information about the CD. This is often the CD label website.


Musica Religiosa op Radio 5

zondag 29 nov.

22.00-23.00 uur

Tymen Jan Bronda

Tymen Jan Bronda is een musicus met meerdere kwaliteiten. Was hij 14 dagen geleden in het vocale uur van Musica Religiosa te horen met het Luthers Bach Ensemble, in deze uitzending is hij als [...] Lees verder

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zondag 29 nov.

22.00-23.00 uur

Tymen Jan Bronda

zaterdag 28 nov.


Thema: Verwachting, I


Thema: Verwachting, II

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